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Where would you like to see me play? Inside or out, Summer, Fall, or Christmas time?

It can be anywhere, and anytime too! Have the staff or owners of the venue get in touch with me, or give me the details to get in touch with them.

I would love to come play for you in your town!

P.S. Wedding and private event bookings are also welcomed! I can play whatever music you want for your event!

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Three years ago today I uploaded my cover of Toccata, and since then it has gained over 1.2k views! Thank you for watching and your continued support!

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Did you know that the more modern version of the piano was invented all the way back around the year 1700?! #worldpianoday #pianoday #piano #pianoforte #pianomusic #pianistsofinstagram #musiciansofınstagram #jamesaissenmusic 

Happy 3/16! Here is a song originally written by Eddie Van Halen for his son, Wolfgang's birthday. I hope you enjoy listening to the song as much as I do!

Tell me, do you see these composers as a musician would, or as non-musicians would?


Happy Valentines Day! Here is a cover of the song Speechless. I played this piece at a wedding a few years ago, and I thought it would be fitting for a Valentine's Day special this year! 

Here is my song "On The Run" from my 2021 Album, "Lighter Than Air.

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Happy New Year! #happynewyears 

This past year, I have had a lot of fun playing for many different events! I thought it would be nice to recognize the different places I have played and share a picture or two of those events as well!

The other day, I was looking at these picks and started wondering "if I hold both of these at once will I automatically be a guitar god?" I asked my dad that question and he said: "You missed the fine print on the back that says 'talent not included'." 😆

I guess I will just have to keep practicing!

Thanks for the laugh dad!