About "Lighter Than Air"

"Lighter Than Air" is an instrumental album which was released on July 4th 2021. This marks the release of my third album with fourteen songs and a total listening time of just over one hour.

The songs on the album include: "Lighter Than Air", "Old Lost Soul", "Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)", "Forge of Time", "Immersion", "On the Run", "Your Sweet Return", "March of Victory", "Into the Clouds", "Aller de l'avant", "Dance of the Peasants", "Dreams in Motion", "Passport to Nowhere", and "Opening Doors".

Photo of insert that is inside of the CD.

Photo of back cover of "Lighter Than Air"

About the album art

The art on the front of the album is a picture of a forest on a foggy day. The art on the back of the album is mainly based around the song titles and other information. The picture on the insert inside of the album is a picture of myself working on one of the songs from the album in the studio. The insert contains a special message to the listener.

Where did I record this album?

All of the writing, recording, and mastering was done at my home studio (A.K.A. Redhead Studio).

I have to say a huge thank you to my parents! I could not have made this album without their help, and I really need to thank my Dad for giving me pointers and help while mixing and mastering this CD.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you or has taught you something new about Lighter Than Air. If you have any further questions you contact me via e-mail or Facebook.

To purchase a CD

You can order a CD by contacting me via email: "Contact Via E-Mail" or by Facebook: "@newjamesaissenmusic".

The CD's price is only $15 plus shipping.

"Lighter Than Air" Album Teaser

Check out a few clips from some of the songs on the album!

The clips in the above video are from the songs (in order from video): "Lighter Than Air", "Hallelujah", "Aller de l'avant", and "Opening Doors".