About "The First"

"The First" was the first album I released hence the name "The First". I released the CD on January 9th, 2019, and with it came 12 original solo piano songs. I wrote and recorded most of the songs on the CD at the age of 12 in 2018.

The songs on the album include: "Something Wonderful", "Freedom at Last", "Alone", "Fight to Stay Young", "A Midnight Lullaby", "Redemption", "Hear the Angels Sing", "A Fall Day", "Moving On", "The Walk", "Spanish Fly", and lastly "Winter Dreams". 

Photo of back cover of "The First"

As I mention on the back cover of "The First", I wouldn't have been able to make this CD without the help and encouragement of my parents, and with what my piano instructor has helped me to accomplish with music.

About the album art

Did you know that the front cover of the CD jacket is a picture of one of my grand pianos with the woods' color changed digitally. The design of the album art was thought up completely by my dad which we then edited and tweaked to have the final product.

Where did I record this album?

I recorded all of the songs on the CD at Redhead Studio.

The first 100 prints of the album had a few errors to the back cover of the CD jacket.

Yes it is true that the first 100 prints of the album had errors on it. If you were able to buy one of the first 100 copies of the CD, look closely on the back. (I have provided a picture of the original back cover of the jacket before the errors were fixed below.) The first error is on the titling for the 6th song you will notice that there is no period after the six. The second error is above the word "Mastered" in the credits. You can see "6. Redemption" upside down and at an angle. And the third error on the jacket is the indentation on the track number for the song "The Walk".

Photo of original back cover of the CD jacket for "The First".

I hope that this information has been helpful to you or has taught you something new about my first CD. If you have any further questions contact me via e-mail or Facebook.

To purchase a CD

You can purchase a CD by contacting me via email: "Contact Via E-Mail" or by Facebook: "@newjamesaissenmusic".

The CD's price is only $10 plus shipping.